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Pardus 2011.1 Beta tillgänglig.


The Beta release of the upcoming Pardus 2011.1 is now available at:

(Live)         ftp://ftp.pardus.org.tr/pub/ISO/Live/2011.1/Beta

(Installation) ftp://ftp.pardus.org.tr/pub/ISO/Installation/2011.1/Beta

The images include support for all officially supported languages
and exceeds the size of a CD so you have to either use a blank DVD media or a
USB flash disk in order to burn and install Pardus 2011.1 Beta on your

We strongly recommend you to verify the integrity of the installation
image with md5sum or sha1sum, to use good quality blank media, to burn
the images in DAO (Disc-At-Once) mode with a maximum of 4X burning
speed for a painless installation experience.

Here are the basic components and their versions shipped within Pardus
2011.1 Beta release:

KDE Desktop Environment 4.6.3
Linux Kernel
Mozilla Firefox Web Browser 4.0.1
Xorg 1.9.5
Gimp 2.6.11
Python 2.7.1
GCC 4.5.3
Glibc 2.12

In addition to those updates,

* Lots of bugs have been fixed,
* 64bit Skype package is now in 2011 stable repository,
* 64bit Wine package will be in 2011 repositories soon,
* Now, YALI has the System Rescue mode,
* Work on 2009-2011 distribution upgrade interface is about to finish,
upgrade-manager package will be provided in 2009 repositories to ease the
* QuickFormat application can be tested now to format USB removable disks
* For those who do not want use LVM in automatic partitioning, can now use
yali=nolvm kernel parameter.

Keep in mind that this is a beta release and because of the fast development
process, you will get massive number of package updates as more bugs are

We'll be pleased to hear about bug reports and enhancement requests
through our bug tracking system[0].

Gökçen Eraslan