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En Pardus fork på gång.

Det börjar närma sig att det kanske blir en Pardus fork. En slags intresseanmälan finns här:



Huvudansvaret har legat på Tubitak. Men som det ser ut nu är det slut med det:


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johnh3s bild

Jag tror inte det blir någon Pardus fork. En av de drivande i communityt (SW) har hoppat av och går över till Mageia istället:

"My heart really belongs to Pardus but I´m not so optimistic about the continuing or a fork.

I do not believe that things going well for Pardus (non corporate). A lot of the developers quit and I don´t see an offencive to restart the project. Also I think we have not the manpower to make a complete fork. Even if TUBITAK will maintain the main parts of Pardus (comar, murdur, pisi, kaptan, .....)
it is a looooot of work. For this we have certainly not the manpower. Even if everybody will maintain 500 packages what do You think what releasecycle we will have? Also we will stuck on old technology because new parts won´t be integrated.

The only reason why I did some packaging is because Pardus was lacking a lot of packages and the developers didn´t take care a lot about package wishes.
So my way is different. Even if Pardus will remain with Pardus non Corporate I will leave because the last two years I was not very pleased.
Do You really think that less developers in combination of some community work of 10 to 20 guys will speed up the innovation and the development? I don´t believe to santa claus anymore.

Lets be honest - what is/was so outstanding on pardus?
Communication? NO!
Stable - YEA - but do You thing less developers and less users will increase stability? NO
Support of Gouvernment - this is not a plus as we could see the last years. Acc. to Tekmans Blog even in 2009 the project lost a lot of good devs so this is no advantage anymore.
Comar and Murdur? This is hidden in the system and is no advantage for me!

The last two or three advantages for me is
1 mulitmediasupport out of the box
2 kaptan
3 pisi

1 - Multimediasupport os not a big issue because when you install 3 or 4 packages (mp4, flash, libdvdcss) then You have multimediasupport. Not a big thing.
2 - Kaptan is really a nice tool to have a quick costumisation of the kde system. This is nice, but not a must have.
3 - PiSi is really simple and imho the best package system. BUT - a normal user will only use GUI of packag-manager. A "normal" user is not interested if packagesystem is named pisi, deb, rpm or urmpi. He usually will use the gui and that it is.

So when I have a look at the things above ***I*** must admit that there is no reason, no unique thing left.

IMHO Mageia is that what pardus should be. Two Years ago Mandriva also fired a lot of developers. Different than the pardus devs they don´t gave up.
They continued a community distro called Mageia. It is completely community driven with a lot of ex developers. Last Year in June they released the first version (Mageia 1). This version is okay but a lot of packages are missing. When You have a look into the repo of upcoming release in May,
then You will see a repo with full of nice packages. They will do a new release every 9 months and there will be an upgrade manager as in pardus.
Although Im a biiiig fan of KDE in Mageia there are a lot of other DEs available (Gnome, XFCE, LXDE, Openbox [even Razot-qt).
Also a very first version of Mageia based on ARM architecture seems to be available.

The only thing they are missing is packages that are not allowed by license to be integrated as GoogleEarth, Picasa and so on.

Close Your eyes for a moment and think about what Mageia could be:

Quickformat could be integrated. Also Kaptan could be integrated and insert the option to allow full media support. And also if SOMEBODY would remove comar and murdur dependency of PiSi we could also insert PiSi into Mageia as second package system. With that it could be possible to provide
legally GoogleEarth, Picasa and others as it already happenend in Pardususer-Repo.

Why do we have to invent the wheel complete new if we could have a better System named Mageia with charakteristic of Pardus? Mageia has open arms for new developers but I can´t see here any developers. I can see only packagers and others that giving commitment for a fork. Commitment is nice but it has no effect.

My heart really hurts but I´m not willing to follow TUBITAK or a Pardus fork any longer. Latest on third of May (release date of Mageia2) I will switch to Mageia. As I already said IMHO Mageia is that what pardus should be. Community driven with a wide userbase , open and with a promising future.

Thanks for your reply anglo and richdb - I will now deactivate my account here."


Detta blir också mitt sista inlägg angående Pardus, jag kommer också att använda andra distributioner hädanefter. Ubuntu i mitt fall.