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Loggen från Ubuntus mötet med Jonte Idag 21.00 (komplett logg)

[21:00:34] hi everyone, I am Jono Bacon - the Ubuntu Community Manager
[21:00:43] my aim here is to try and solve the problems with ubuntu-se
[21:01:10] this is going to take longer than just this meeting, so don;t expect everything to be solved tonight Smile
[21:01:22] I am not here to say if one person is right or wrong
[21:01:27] I am here to try and solve the problem
[21:01:32] and to identify what the problem is
[21:01:50] all comments should go to #ubuntu-se-comments - please, please write in english
[21:02:05] I don't speak swedish so will not understand any swedish comments
[21:02:28] ok, I have recieved *loads* of email
[21:02:36] around 72 emails have been sent to me
[21:03:06] many of these emails are long and go into lots of detail, I have not had chance to read them all as I have had too many to deal with
[21:03:20] so the aim of this session is to identify the problems first
[21:03:42] it seems one of the core problems is the behavious of the loco leader - sebastean
[21:03:50] sebastean: are you still the leader right now?
[21:04:27] who is the current leader?
[21:04:49] right sebastean is the leader
[21:05:03] but there is a meeting to find the next leader
[21:05:18] ok
[21:05:29] I have heard lots of accusations of bad behaviour including:
[21:05:44] * banning people from online resources for disagreeing with decisions
[21:05:52] * removing meeting agendas
[21:06:07] * otherwise stopping fair and open discussion about how the team is run
[21:06:23] let me be clear about this
[21:06:25] very clear:
[21:06:40] this kind of behaviour is entirely unacceptable
[21:06:50] banning people for disagreeing with you is unacceptable
[21:07:05] removing meeting agendas you just disagree with is unacceptable
[21:07:18] stopping fair and open discussion about how the team is run is unacceptable
[21:08:14] it is clear that some of this behaviour has happened, and it is unacceptable and against the Code Of Conduct and the Leadership Code Of Conduct
[21:08:20] now, I am not hear to slap wrists! Smile
[21:08:26] I am not here to punish anyone
[21:08:50] but sebastean has made it clear that he is interested in stepping down and a meeting is scheduled to pick a new leader
[21:09:24] now, I am keen that this leadership process is fair
[21:09:36] I want to make sure that the team picks a leader that they are happy with
[21:09:50] so I will overlook this process
[21:10:00] I will keep an eye on how a leader is picked to ensure it is fair
[21:10:31] let me ask the team a question:
[21:11:18] "would the ubuntu-se team be happy for me to overlook the voting process and advise on it" say +1 for yes or -1 for no in #ubuntu-se-comments
Kommentar: Majoritet säger yes
[21:12:04] ok I think that is unamimous
[21:12:11] so I am going to suggest the following action:
[21:12:50] * I will talk to sebastean and work with him to ensure the voting process is as fair as possible
[21:13:14] * I will overlook the voting to make sure there is no unfair boting
[21:13:15] voting
[21:13:45] so I will not take the votes, but I will overlook the process to ensure it is fair
[21:14:16] part of this is ensuring that the team knows about the vote and each member gets a vote
[21:14:37] I want the voting process to have the following rules:
[21:14:39] * it is open
[21:14:47] * everyone is free in who they can chose
[21:14:49] choose
[21:14:58] * everyone can make their vote anonymously
[21:15:41] now, in terms of nominations, I will deal with those who want to volunteer themselves for the vote
[21:16:15] I will think over the next two weeks about how this voting process will work but rest assured it will be open
[21:16:20] I understand the concerns about the forums
[21:16:33] and I understand the concerns about sebastean dealing with the nominations
[21:17:09] in fact, I will try to do this in quicker than two weeks
[21:17:26] but I will define the voting process and be in touch with ubuntu-se about how it will work
[21:17:45] sebastean: are you around?
[21:18:02] jono: What do you mean by the voting process being "open"?
[21:19:18] md2perpe: those who want to stand for leadership will go through me so I can list those who want to stand, and everyone, including those who are banned will get one vote
[21:20:05] now, I want to think about the voting process before I go any further
[21:20:14] it is clear though we need an open vote that everyone can be a part of
[21:20:41] sebastean is unwilling to take part in the meeting
[21:22:06] Jono: What about the server rights for ubuntu-se.org and other media that sebastean have today. Can thay be transferd too someone more trusted person?
[21:22:14] swe_henke: we can discuss this in a later meeting
[21:22:28] can I ask an open question
[21:23:07] "do you feel most of the problems in the loco right now are the fault of sebastean?" please say +1 for yes and -1 for no
Kommentar: Majoritet säger yes
[21:24:37] right it is clear where the concern lies
[21:24:50] but that does not mean that sebastean is entirely at fault
[21:25:04] I am not assuming sebastean is the only person who has made mistakes
[21:25:35] but I need to understand where most of the concern is laid
[21:25:48] although I do wish sebastean would be here to take part
[21:25:54] he is unwilling to take part
[21:26:18] now, I am not interesting in finding out who is to blame
[21:26:39] I am interested in finding a new leader who will not do the things that have been accused
[21:27:22] so, I propose this line of action:
[21:27:47] * I am going to sit down and develop as open a voting process as I can
[21:28:04] * I will post to ubuntu-se and ask for leadership nominations soon
[21:28:33] that is what will happen first
[21:29:21] so the first step is for me to define the voting process, and then we can look at the voting
[21:29:32] the server and the forums will be fixed later
[21:29:41] this process will all take place on IRC and the mailing list
[21:30:00] jono according to me don't know what this conflict is about and therefore I will not join the discussions. I'm sorry.
[21:30:14] sebastean: I have given you lots of opportunities to put your side forward, and you have not done so once
[21:30:33] sebastean: I am keeping this open and objective, but it requires *you* to defend your position
[21:31:07] ok, I would like to schedule another IRC meeting
[21:31:15] it will have to be two weeks as I am travelling
[21:31:44] sebastean: what are the reasons for banning so many people?
[21:31:50] answer in -comments
[21:32:38] ok sebastean refuses to take part
[21:33:04] ok, I am going to call this meeting to a close, with the following action:
[21:33:14] * I will develop an open voting process
[21:33:40] * We will schedule an IRC meeting to discuss how the voting works
[21:33:50] this meeting will take place in two weeks at the same time
[21:34:02] 8pm UTC on Mon 19th Feb
[21:34:33] * Nafallo has changed the topic to: För svensktalande Ubuntuanvändare (kodning: utf-8) | Engelskt möte mån 19/2 21:00 här! | Ubuntu Sverige: http://ubuntu-se.org | Använd http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org om du vill klistra in 4+ rader
[21:34:43] I understand there are concerns about people being banned and not being able to vote, but I aim to have a full and frank voting process
[21:35:15] we will solve these problems but I encourage sebastean to take part and let his side of the story be told - I am sure sebastean acted in good faith, but thee are concerns that need to be discussed
[21:35:33] sorry the meeting cannot be sooner - I am travelling
[21:35:44] we will solve these problems folks! Smile
[21:35:52] we will make ubuntu-se a rocking loco team!!! Smile
[21:36:25] ok, speak to you all here in two weeks at the same time
[21:36:33] please tell the full team to attend
[21:36:43] bye all!